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This website is about the newest advancements in AI. I write about things I find exciting and share them with you. You don't need to be a coder, and you will find easy-to-use information on how to use AI in life and business.

Besides AI applications for everyday usage, you can go into detail and discover Python coding with TensorFlow and Machine Learning to get you started and explore modern tools for creating intelligent systems. I promise to explain everything in simple words.

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In this post, I discuss the implications of AI evolution, specifically the use of GPT technology in programming and its potential impact on programmer jobs.

GPT Implications for Coding

25 Jun 2023

AI evolution, GPT technology, Programmer jobs

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Midjourney, July 2023: Robot and a girl with umbrella

Midjourney, July 2023

Python and AI

I'm thrilled to share my AI discoveries and my journey in Python coding.

I have two master's degrees and a Doctor of Computer Science. I've spent 15 years in education, with over 10 years of experience in engineering and IT consulting. I've worked hard to keep my programming and professional skills up to date, and now I've decided to document my progress through technical blogging.

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