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Elena Daehnhardt

Elena, September 2022

I’m a machine learning engineer and researcher. I have been fascinated by computer science, Artificial Intelligence, technology, and philosophical questions from an early age. I have observed how telephone stations work, how data streams can be redirected between different locations. And how the telephone stations are programmed. I spent some time with my father (telecommunication engineer) explaining how the technology works. I learned digital circuitry and logic still in school. I had started to write code on the ZX Spectrum computer when I was 13. Firstly, I focused on Basic programming language and moved to machine code to easily manipulate memory. Next, I moved to Pascal on IBM machines in a mathematical lyceum, wherein I did my preparation to enter University exams.

Meanwhile, I had various other interests. I finished music school in the fortepiano class, was a member of a biology club, was a publisher of my school class newspaper. I had the best childhood one could have. When reaching 17, I moved about 845 kilometers from my home to pursue Computer Science in arguably Siberia’s best city Tomsk.

Томь, 14.07.2013 - panoramio (3)

I had various courses on Computer-Aided Design, analog and digital electronics, linear algebra, and loads of programming, amongst other subjects. Computers were working with floppy disks at that time and had relatively modest computing resources. Anyway, we had the Artificial Intelligence class wherein I did my course work on declarative programming in Prologue programming language.

Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics

Moving from functional programming, Object-Oriented, to declarative programming was fascinating. I am open-minded to changing conceptual frameworks and techniques to solve problems in the most efficient way. The knowledge of what tools and methods to use, however, requires more practical experience. And, after completing my study, I worked as a support engineer, project manager assistant, Microsoft Business Solutions Consultant, researcher, and developer.

I have programming experience in C++, PHP, and Python. Now, it is Python’s back-end and some basic HTML front-end. I focus mainly on Machine Learning problems. Python has all the needed data manipulation and processing libraries, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning frameworks. I will share what I find interesting in this field herein in this blog.

Due to my natural curiosity about everything new in technology and Computer Science, I did another master’s Degree at the University of Liverpool, where I graduated with a Distinction Degree in Information Systems Management.

Victoria Building, University of Liverpool 2019

About ten years later, I did Ph.D. research in the intersection of social networking, communication, and Artificial Intelligence. I have started developing the idea of using Twitter data to build culture-aware intelligent systems at the Delft University of Technology.

The Ph.D. opportunity, however, was waiting for me in beautiful Scotland, where I was fortunate to pursue a subject interesting for me and get training with the best teachers I know. My Ph.D. thesis in Computer Science at Heriot-Watt University is about social data mining and machine learning tools for creating adaptive web applications. Read more about my research at researchgate.net.

Heriot Watt University Scottish Borders Campus - geograph.org.uk - 210840

Nothing of it would be possible without the love and support of my family and friends, and the best research supervisor in the World that gave me much advice a lot of thinking about the project, research process and life.

A picture of my place of birth drawn by my Papa for my blog

A picture of my place of birth drawn by my Papa for my blog (my best friend, an inventor, telecommunication engineer, and an artist in pension)

Besides coding and AI, I am interested in nature, especially birds, various music genres, and freestyle dancing, as everything free is what matters in life :)

To sum up, while having fun and meeting wonderful people, I graduated with PhD in CS, MSc in CS, and MIS. Now, I continue my lifetime quest with a focus on Deep Learning.

I have created this blog to keep track of my new findings and share things I learn. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or interesting ideas in mind.

Thanks for reading my blog!

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