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Elena Daehnhardt created this website. I share AI, Machine Learning-related content, and Python code that you can learn with me. I have a PhD in Computer Science and good coding experience.
Even though I thoroughly check all my Python code and references, you should not rely on the information in my posts. You agree to accept damages that may arise out of using my blog. These include but are not limited to any false, inaccurate, unavailable or incomplete information on the blog, any damages arising from using the blog, third-party links, or any technical issues you might experience when trying to reproduce my code or reading my posts. I can alter or remove content on this website anytime without notice.
All content belongs to Elena Daehnhardt except of few free to use Unsplash photos. I also publish Midjourney and Jasper AI-generated art. You cannot copy, reproduce, transmit, distribute, download or transfer my content for commercial uses. Contact me first if you want to use this material in education settings.
Sure, use the content for educational purposes with proper citations included. I provide citations at the end of my posts.
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I am always happy to receive messages from my readers, and I am open to collaboration in AI and ML. Additionally, please contact me if you have questions about the proper use of my content or some comments.
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