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Are we raising from ashes?

02 Dec 2021

Elena Daehnhardt

The Phoenix bird

The Phoenix bird is a fantastical bird known from ancient Greeks mythology. In many cultures, we can find fairy-tale birds resembling Phoenix. For instance, Russian Firebird is also a phoenix bird. The phoenix bird lives about 500 years. Before dying, the bird builds the nest, sets itself on fire, and after burning to ashes - it eats its worm while regenerating to life again.

It symbolizes rebirth, and I think many of us feel the pain of rebirth once in a lifetime, and it is how I feel now. I believe that I am going to eat my worm soon. Before then, I live it all in the fire and seek my worm for, hopefully, the next life ahead. Will I find my worm and raise from the ashes? I do not care since I have many lives to live and burn.

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