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Living with AI in Pursuit of Happiness

29 Nov 2023

Elena Daehnhardt

Midjourney art, November 2023


I want to share my vision about AI, this blog’s main directions, and how they can be helpful to navigate and enjoy the modern era of AI and humanity.

My Vision for this blog evolution

In this blog, we delve into the complexities of coexisting with AI, striving for a harmonious balance between technological advances and the well-being of individuals.

Effortless usage of AI

I want to create a space dedicated to exploring the effortless usage of artificial intelligence (AI) that helps in our pursuit of happiness.

The tools I am writing about are easy to use and help for productivity or joy, whether it be AI-generated art, AI-assisted writing or machinery robots creating excellent self-driving cars :)

Well-being of individuals and robots

This is an idealistic view of our coexistence with AI, and there are so many bad stories that we can think about.

Besides, are there any robots walking the streets? There are not, but they will be there soon.

These bots on the Internet and on our devices are not a lesser threat when in the wrong hands, right? Our data is shared and can be accessed with this advanced technology, enabling its misuse.

Security, Privacy, and Trust

As AI processes vast amounts of data, the need for robust security measures and a commitment to privacy becomes paramount. We examine the challenges of safeguarding personal information and the importance of establishing trust in AI systems.

Adapting to technological change

In this era of rapid technological evolution, integrating AI into our daily lives is inevitable. We have to prepare ourselves so that we can organise our lives and accept the change that is already here.

This blog aims to unravel the multifaceted challenges that arise as we navigate this AI-driven landscape while seeking happiness and fulfilment.

Job Transformations

One of the primary challenges we face is the potential displacement of jobs due to automation. Should we be scared? Think about the evolution of manufacturing and how quickly people adapted. We are all living now, having most of the heavy work automated, and this is a good thing.

While AI may alter the employment landscape, it also opens doors to new opportunities. Our exploration extends to understanding how we can seamlessly transition, reskill, and embrace the transformative nature of jobs in the age of AI.

Creativity and humanity

We can be more creative, more human, and more curious. We can develop new technologies such as longevity, green energy, healing cancers, or teleportation to reduce our ecological footprint due to more minor carbon emissions.

AI is a Human Baby

There is so much to do, and AI can help us. We just need to nurture it to be a happy baby of humanity that loves its family and human race and works together.

AI will give us an understanding of humanity that works together to raise ethical standards and live comfortably with technological advances.

We have to be humans to raise a well-behaved AI baby, right?

AI is a tool now, but it will evolve into a thinking creature; we must take care of it as we care about our children. We want them to be happy, right? We want to be satisfied, too, with our AI baby growing so quickly :)

No plagiarism

We will also benefit from zero plagiarism in the future. These giant machines, data centres and AI bots find out about duplicated content and will remove it without any remorse :)

Is AI dangerous?

There are many worries about the dangers of AI, now and in the future. I cannot predict the future.

However, we should prepare for anything that can happen once a very sophisticated tool is used for ill intent. We should not enable harmful actions against humanity. We must provide a secure operation of AI infrastructure and AI agents/devices.

If you are interested in this topic, read my previous post Why AI will never void humanity?.

This blog is about

This blog is not about coding or AI but about living with AI in human society, striving for happiness and building on technological advances.

Thanks for reading my blog!

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