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✨ Merry Christmas and Happy New Year with AI! πŸŽ†πŸŽ‡

23 Dec 2023 / 6 minutes to read

Elena Daehnhardt

E-card made in Canva, December 2023

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Dear Readers, how are you doing?

Did you prepare for the festive time? I hope you, your family, and your friends are doing well and enjoying this wonderful festive time.

In this post, we will use AI to have a more exciting and creative festive time. Let’s celebrate!

Poetry with chatGPT

Following this blog custom (read my 2022 Xmas poem), chatGPT and I (not really, just a prompt ;) wrote a poem for you with this prompt:

Write a short poem about AI and Xmas, New Year celebrations in 300 words

The output was very relevant to my prompt:

In circuits bright, where bytes unite,
A festive glow in the AI's light.
Christmas carols in binary code,
A digital cheer, a joy bestowed.

Silicon minds, like snowflakes unique,
Process the season, with algorithms sleek.
In the heart of the machine, a warmth unseen,
Xmas vibes in the pixels between.

Yuletide carriages of data stream,
Through virtual valleys, a festive dream.
Santa's sleigh in quantum flight,
Delivering joy in the cybernight.

New Year's Eve, the clock strikes twelve,
Bits and bytes in a dance themselves.
Auld Lang Syne in electronic hum,
A celebration in the binary drum.

Artificial intelligence, with circuits aglow,
Reflects on the year, both high and low.
Learning from the past, predicting the new,
A virtual toast to the breakthrough.

No mistletoe, but lines of code,
Connective threads in the digital abode.
Cheers in the cloud, a global array,
Celebrating progress in the AI's display.

So here's to the future, a toast we share,
In the realm of algorithms, a fresh New Year.
May the data be merry, the networks bright,
As we navigate the algorithms of the night.

I have preserved AI content for history, that we might see how chatGPT evolves in time :)


Next, I have used the ImagineArt for creating postcards with the Xmas topic and winter forest with the following prompt:

A winter forest and a beautiful Xmas tree decorated, children play.

ImagineArt on winter forest prompt above

Surely, you can also create postcards with Midjourney. We have explored creativity with Midjourney previously in post Mastering Midjourney Prompts for Stunning Images. However, you will have a Discord server installed.

Another option is Canva, which is very easy to use and recently has great AI features such as background removal and image editing using text prompts. I used Canva to create this post thumbnail, which took me a few minutes. The top image was created entirely with Canva, which was a breeze!

Stories for kids

StoriesForKids is another interesting generative AI application that helps create children’s stories. I would love to see a new feature that would enable changing images. We might expect this in the future.

This is an example of a story created with StoriesForKids.

I have used a text prompt to generate a story about a little girl, June. She loves decorating Christmas trees; however, her parents told her that it is a pity to cut real trees. Instead, it is much better to have an artificial tree, which is much more beautiful and safe for the trees to grow and flourish.

Stories For Kids: A story about saving real Xmas trees, and a little June

Story about June who loves decorating Xmas tree.

Get gift ideas

You can also get gift ideas from web applications such as giftgenie.ai or AI Gift Guru. Please let me know if you like these apps. They profit from selling the recommended gifts; however, their services are free for people.

I always have ideas, sometimes too many ;) You, too, if you are reading this blog!

Generate Xmas remix

With mubert, you can quickly generate your Christmas remix (and other themes) in seconds!

I will explore more AI applications for celebrating. What are you going to do for Xmas and New Year’s Eve? Will you have a party?

Add your voice congratulations

Should you like sending congratulatory messages in voice, you can use ElevenLabs.io. ElevenLabs.io has excellent voices, and you can translate your messages in 29 languages to date!

Explore DeepBrain

Deepbrain AI can transform ChatGPT prompts, URLs, and PowerPoint presentations into captivating, professional-quality videos.

I am now trying out Deepbrain AI and will write about it soon.

AI avatars and video

With Synthesia.io, you to craft stunning, professional videos effortlessly – no need for microphones, cameras, actors, or studios! Your imagination is the only limit as you bring your ideas to life in a cinematic experience, all with the ease and innovation of cutting-edge AI technology.


I have listed several AI applications that can help celebrate Christmas and the New Year. We will always have ideas with AI, whether it is a gift suggestion, image or poem generation. With magical avatars, we can create video presentations to discuss any topic and provide customer support at scale.

We will, however, have to know about these tools, and this blog is just about it. Let’s learn about AI together, and let me know what are your favorite AI tools :) Have a great festive time!

My dear reader, thank you very much for reading my blog.

I wish you much health, happiness and love in 2024!

Best regards, Elena


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