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The water genie told me a story

11 Oct 2023

Elena Daehnhardt

Water genie from a fountain in Yerevan

Hi folks,

I am back home. I have had nine flights in the last month and feel exhausted. I was delighted to see my family and had a few things to do. So happy that it all went well.

The planes were all full. However, I had pleasant co-fliers and had many story-telling exchanges. It is so amazing to meet great people on the way. There were also not-so-great people as usual.

However, I like being positive and keeping this blog happy and easygoing so we can all focus on the technical things and advance whatever it takes. We are living history at the moment. Life goes on.

On the way, I have also taken some photos. What struck me the most was that I had captured a water genie from Yerevan’s drinking fountain. Do you see a water genie profile looking on the right side?

There are few waterly faces in this photo. I can further tell you a story about this picture. It is a fantastic story about the water genie I coined in my fantasy.

I may write about it later when I cannot code anymore. Would you like to read my no-code fantasy stories? Please let me know.

About the stories, I have an idea about my next post. It will be pretty technical. I am very excited! I will not bore you anymore about my reflections in water.

Come again later and plunge into the whole sea of machine learning travel. It will be technical. Very technical, and I can’t wait!

We will start with a droplet and will come with more later.

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