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Go with the flow

02 May 2024

Elena Daehnhardt

Midjourney art, May 2024

Dear reader,

You probably already observed that I did not post for a while. I had an accident which required a major and quite painful operation.

This is why I had to put all my forces into it after the op rehabilitation. I did so much of training. More than in my lifetime.

I must confess that I was a braggart that I did not need to exercise, thanks to my genes allowing me to look nice effortlessly. Surely, as anyone, I had done other things to address, sicknesses and life challenges, in-office bulling, and other not so funny things.

However, I also had very supportive people around me. If you think they are not there - look around or become that supportive person yourself. Never give up, and be the superhero!

It does not really help to be a super-girl who codes. What? Super-girl? You fell while preparing your dinner! Besides, you can now use crutches instead of flying! That is what my loyal enemy would say.

However, my recovery required nearly superpowers. Firstly, I screamed like an animal when reducing my own knee in huge pain (dangerous, discouraged unless you know what you are doing). Secondly, I did not blink to accept my soon operation. I knew what to expect. Now, Walking with the crutches in pain, however fearless, despite multiple hardware details in my super-girl knee and the muscles shrinking twice and not working yet!

Yes, ignited by my creativity, I went with the flow, music in my ears, multitasking and packing for vacation (hehe, my party high heels), which did not happen. That’s upsetting! Now, I go with the flow to regain my mobility and improve in the long term.

Despite this experience, challenges, and all the pain, I am so happy it happened! Having giant imposter syndrome, being self-reflective, and shying away from my extreme stubbornness, I miserably devalued my super-girl skills. I took everything for granted, including my own body and life.

Unfortunately, you cannot get effective guidance from AI about exercising. I have asked Google Gemini:

Help me create an exercise plan to recover from [X] operation.

I can't provide a specific exercise plan for recovering from [X] operation because that should be created by a medical professional like a physical therapist. Different surgeries require different rehabilitation approaches.

Gemini gave me quite good links and strategic points; however, I still had to approach another superhuman who helped me create my exercise plan. I feel that Physical Therapy professionals (PTs) will still have a future in the AI era. Well-trained PTs and highly-trained doctors will be in demand as long as we have human bodies.

I am doing a lot of training now and am very motivated. I will be able to walk well and go dancing except for “Rock and roll”, as my surgeon told me. It’s okay; I will do with the freestyle for a while.

Now I know the price of time, I respect people with mobility issues even more than I did before. I started to value my own life efforts, professional ethics, humanity, and self-respect. And my superpower, a great gift of stubbornness, allows me to get going because super-girls don’t cry :)

I know you also have superpowers, my dear reader. Share them with me in your guest post (AI and coding topics are encouraged), write me a message, or subscribe if you still need to.

That will motivate me to write and code whatever it takes.

Thank you very much for reading; please take care of yourself and people around you. We are all super-humans on this planet.

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