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Bright ideas at Web Summit 2023

20 Nov 2023

Elena Daehnhardt

Bright Ideas at Web Summit 2023


In this post, I write about my experience attending the World’s largest and most prominent technology conferences. I had the pleasure of attending ten technology-focused tracks of Web Summit. What did I learn? Was the Web Summit helpful for me?

Web summit

Web Summit is one of the World’s largest and most prominent technology conferences. It brings together a wide range of technology and business leaders, startups, investors, and other professionals to discuss and showcase the latest trends and innovations in the tech industry.

The conference covers various topics, including artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, fintech, and more, and it provides a platform for networking, learning, and collaboration in the tech world.

Here are some of the groups that can benefit from attending Web Summit:

  1. Tech Professionals: This includes software developers, engineers, data scientists, and other technology professionals who can gain insights into the latest trends, tools, and technologies in their respective fields. You can also get a job interview if you are looking for new opportunities :)

  2. Entrepreneurs and Startups: Web Summit offers a platform for startups to showcase their products, connect with potential investors, and network with other entrepreneurs. It’s an excellent opportunity for early-stage companies to gain visibility.

  3. Investors: Angel investors, venture capitalists, and other investors attend Web Summit to discover new investment opportunities, meet with entrepreneurs, and keep up with emerging trends.

  4. Business Leaders: Executives and decision-makers from established companies can learn about disruptive technologies and strategies to stay competitive in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

  5. Marketing and Sales Professionals: Attendees in marketing and sales can learn about the latest digital marketing strategies, customer engagement techniques, and emerging platforms for reaching their target audience.

  6. Researchers and Academics: Scholars and researchers in technology-related fields can benefit from the insights and discussions about cutting-edge research and innovation.

  7. Policy Makers and Government Representatives: They can attend to gain a deeper understanding of the technology industry, its challenges, and its impact on society, which can inform policy decisions.

  8. Students and Educators: It’s an opportunity to learn from industry leaders; for educators, it’s a chance to stay updated on the latest industry trends to prepare their students better.

  9. Media and Journalists: Web Summit attracts a significant media presence, and journalists can report on the latest tech trends, interviews with influential figures, and breaking news from the event.

  10. Tech Enthusiasts: Those who are passionate about technology, even if they aren’t working in the field, can attend to experience the excitement and innovation of the tech world.

Web summit in Lisbon

Altice Arena

The Web Summit 2023 was in the Altice Arena in majestic Lisbon. That location provided the space and inspiration for sharing ideas and networking.

However, You should have comfortable shoes since it’s a lot of walking for the best experience. I did my daily steps just at the WebSummit.

Me with the Princess of Darkness Sharing ideas

Me with the Princess of Darkness, and new ideas


Since many food options exist, you will not be hungry in Portugal at the WebSummit. However, you will sometimes experience queues for the most delicious options. I enjoyed pancakes freshly made as I waited about two minutes.


There are 27 tracks of various but exciting topics in the Web Summit 2023. However, I could attend ten related to some of my interests.

AI Academy

The AI Academy offers a comprehensive curriculum featuring the latest advancements and expertise in artificial intelligence provided by industry pioneers. It is a great track to stay informed about cutting-edge AI technologies, from neural networks to data ethics, and gain a competitive advantage in the rapidly evolving AI landscape.

The AI academy was the most crucial track since I am doing my best to know what is happening in AI and tell it to you. I also met inspiring startups and individuals who apply AI and want to learn it better.

Audio Waves

Audio Waves serves as a meeting point for influential figures in the music, podcast, and audio sectors to explore the technological innovations reshaping the creation and consumption of sound.

Content Makers

You can look into the future of content creation and influencer marketing at ContentMakers, where industry experts reveal successful strategies, delve into brand collaborations, and explore the attention economy.


DeepTech track spotlights significant technological breakthroughs and paradigm-shifting advancements within the tech sector, representing not just novel applications but groundbreaking AI perspectives.


FullSTK is a premier developer conference, uniting forward-thinking innovators, data scientists, coders, and engineers shaping the future through the societal impact of coding.


Machine Track is to explore the future of transportation, sustainability in the automotive sector, smart city infrastructure, and the captivating realm of AI and robotics. These offer fresh insights into the profound societal changes ushered in by this workforce evolution.


Imagine being the boss of the conversation on our Q&A track! You can ask questions to amazing people like founders, astronauts, and more, and they’ll give you honest and open answers.

SaaS Monster

SaaS Monster is where all the tech superheroes come together to improve our everyday lives. They’re like the big heroes of computer stuff, coming up with new ideas to change how we do things.

Startup University

At Startup University, you can learn from the grown-up kids who made big companies.


If you’ve ever wondered how people make cool stuff online, Verified is where they spill the beans and share their secrets.


Besides getting updated on what is happening in tech worlds and AI, you can do much networking at the WebSummit. You will get an excellent opportunity to talk with professionals who work on shaping our World and share their experiences and concerns about AI and society.


The Web Summit is an exciting opportunity to network, share experiences and stay updated on what happens in the technology sector. What do you think?


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