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Midjourney with FaceSwap, November 2023

Listen to Cláudia Lima Costa's podcast on AI trust and safety, where we discuss AI evolution, applications, data sources, copyright, data protection, privacy techniques, and achieving reliable, explainable, safe, and helpful AI in a casual conversation.

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I'm thrilled to share my AI discoveries and my journey in Python coding.

I am Elena. I hold two master's degrees and a Doctorate in Computer Science. With over 10 years of experience in engineering and IT consulting, I've decided to start technical blogging to document my progress and keep my skills up-to-date.

I enjoy exploring AI applications, Python coding with TensorFlow and machine learning, and share my findings in easy-to-read blog posts. Happy reading!

You can read more about me here.

Midjourney, July 2023: Robot and a girl with umbrella

Midjourney, July 2023