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Coding in Portugal

05 May 2022 / 4 minutes to read

Elena Daehnhardt

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I am in Portugal. I live and breathe the freshness of the Ocean. Its vivid colors and wind make me happy, and I feel like a part of something bigger, omnipresent, and eternal. The springtime is the best time to be here when you like flowers and delicate fragrances floating in the air.

Flowers at the Sea

Flowers at the Sea

The beautiful landscapes and magnificent sea views are so inspiring that you cannot imagine a life without poetry. I like this poem by my favorite Portuguese author Almeida Garrett:

Beautiful Barge

Fisherman of the beautiful boat,
Where you go fishing with her,
She's so beautiful,
Oh fisherman?

Don't you see that the last star
In the cloudy sky is sailing?
Pick up the candle,
Oh fisherman!

Lay down your haul with caution
For the mermaid is beautiful...
But beware,
Oh fisherman!

Let not the net be tangled in her,
That lost is oar and sail
Just to see her,
Oh fisherman!

Fisherman of the beautiful boat,
It's about time, run away from her,
Run away from her,
Oh fisherman!

I have used DeepL to translate the poem from the Portuguese version I have found on the blog post by Manuel Antao.

The Ocean

The Ocean

I am not poetical but rather quite technical. Still, I become very inspired by the beauty of this World, I believe, the mostly and vividly manifested in Portugal. I love fado melodies, making me cry and want to sing along. It is a pity that I am bad at singing.

House at the Dinosaurs Street Poem at the Dinosaurs Street

House at the Dinosaurs Street

I feel that culture is ingrained into every facet of Portugal, its stunning architecture, wonderful Nature, heroic history of the sea discoveries, and the warmest people I have ever met. I can speak here about everything and be totally open in life matters and Philosophy. Humanity and politeness are part of the Portuguese community and the education system.

I do not say much about food, and I just leave it for you to try yourself. Nothing can be better than sea-inspired cuisine that never failed to make me want more. What is my favorite dish in Portugal? I like Pastel de nata (traditional pastry with eggs), Arroz de Marisco and Cataplana (a fish-food dish with rice and tasty sauce), Polvo à lagareiro (octopus in loads of olive oil), Queijo (all kinds of cheeses are lovely here), and most of all - Amêijoas à Bulhão Pato (clams in butter and garlic sauce)!

All of this excellence make me happy in inspires me to continue my lifetime coding quest. I am now intense in deep learning, which is my favorite thing to do after sea walks. Good sea air inspires me with new ideas and helps in productive work. Thanks for reading! See you at the beach!

My Computer Setup

My Computer Setup, Google Colab and the Sea View

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