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GPT Implications for Coding

The AI evolution has implications for programming and programmer jobs. GPT usage allows for quicker product releases and a focus on user requirements. However, low-coding jobs could be delegated to AI, new skills for AI-assisted programming be required or access to sophisticated models only available to some. The new coding age is upon us. In this blog post, I highlight the opportunities and challenges of AI-assisted code generation and share my experiences using chatGPT.

Python coding with chatGPT

In this post, I did some Python coding with chatGPT. We have coded a neuron, a simple neural network, and learned how to train it. I am pleased with the result. I think that chatGPT has excellent potential for CS students and all coders that want to update their skills effectively. Is it an end of the StackOverflow? We cannot see the feature. However, we still need social interaction with humans, and AI cannot substitute human communication.

chatGPT Wrote me a Christmas Poem

In this post, I shared my thoughts on chatGPT, its technology, and its possible societal implications. I also asked it to write a Christmas poem for me, which was pretty good!

TensorFlow: Romancing with TensorFlow and NLP

In this post we will create a simple poem generation model with Keras Sequential API.