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Git Commands and a Contribution Workflow

07 Nov 2022 / 1 minutes to read

Elena Daehnhardt

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Hello, my dear readers. How are you doing?

I have been busy lately and only posted a little. However, as always, I have found something fantastic to share. A Javascript application for learning Git branching by Peter Cottle, available at https://learngitbranching.js.org/ simulating a Git command line and repository in your browser. This helps understand Git branching since it draws the commits and branching graph while executing git commands. Simply marvelous and great work!

I was also thinking that I usually use very few commands and follow a general workflow when using Git. This is why I have created a cheatsheet Winner sheet with the Git commands for later reference. I have used Python and the reportlab library for generating PDFs. You can download it from my GitHub repository in PDF, or check the MardDown file referenced. Please forgive me for calling it unusual, not a cheatsheet, but the Winner sheet. I want us to be winners :)

Have a great week!


1. Learn Git Branching by Peter Cottle

2. Git Winner Sheet

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