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Restoring deleted files in Git

Recently, I had a glitch, and many images were deleted from my Git repository. I am fixing it now. See how I do it here.

Preserve your local changes on Git Pull

When we get the Git error on pull - your local changes to the following files would be overwritten by merge - it means that you have some uncommitted changes in the working directory. Git cannot perform the merge operation because those changes would be lost or overwritten during the merge process. Read some good solutions to resolve this error while keeping local changes.

Leveraging Git Tags

Git tags are useful for marking specific points in a repository's history, such as release points or important milestones. They provide a way to easily reference and access specific versions of your codebase. Let's dive deeper into the details of working with Git tags.

Git Failed to Push Some Refs

I was away from my big MAC computer and did some repository updates using my laptop. When arriving back, I could not push an update from my big MAC computer. Git updates were rejected because my current branch is behind. That happens quite often when we should integrate the remote changes before pushing git updates. Herein I am sharing possible solutions in detail.

The Token Way to GitHub Security

In this brief post I describe the setup and usage of GitHub personal access tokens.

The SSH host key mystery

What do you call a developer who's afraid of the dark? A Git-in-the-middle attacker! But seriously, if you've ever seen a warning message about a changed SSH host key while pushing code changes, don't panic - it might just be a legitimate update. To fix the issue, simply delete the saved RSA key fingerprint and let the SSH client verify the new one. And remember, always keep an eye out for those pesky man-in-the-middle attackers lurking in the shadows! You can learn how to create and use SSH keys, explained so simply in this post.

Git Commands and a Contribution Workflow

I have created a list of arguably the most useful Git commands and an example contribution workflow. I have also found a great JavaScript application for learning Git branching!

Linters and Git Pre-commit

It's great to focus on code development while keeping the coding style right. This could be achieved with automatic formatting checks before committing files into the code repository. In this post, I have described the pre-commit usage with git hooks and a simple setup for checking Python files.

Reverting Commits in GitHub

This post is about reverting your changes in GitHub. Sometimes it's good to step back and think about something different, right? With the use of git reset, revert and rebase we can remove changes from commits or even history.

Collaboration in GitHub

In this post, I have covered GitHub collaboration when working with other team members. Git branching, forking, pull requests, and issues were briefly explained.

GitHub Codespaces

GitHub codespaces provide a development environment running in the cloud. A codespace environment is created with the help of configuration files added to a GitHub repository.

GIT in 10 minutes

Version control systems are handy to keep track of file versions. This is useful for tracking your code, scripts and text information. Currently, GIT is one of the best open-source and cross-platform version control solutions. It enables distributed repository management; it works fast over HTTP and ssh protocols. GIT is relatively easy to use, with command-line utility or Graphical User Interface.