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A Warm August and Vacation

Elena Daehnhardt

Elena, August 2023

Dear Reader, how are you doing? I hope that everything is fine.

As you may have realised, I made several changes to my website design. Besides, I am working on my next blog posts about coding and using the most advanced AI techniques, at the moment, audio generation with AI. Since I like to explore more things, I also started working on this blog’s (yet) secret feature. I will write about it later.

I want to admit. I worked on many things in parallel and was stressed over these years. Besides, I had too many ideas that I needed an army of coders to do what I had envisaged. I started to code all of this. I have got overwhelmed.

So I have decided to enjoy the rest of this summer. I have a vacation! That’s the right moment! This August 2023 is magical, sweet, soft, breezy, blooming, and inspirational, with the music, trees whispering in the high sky, birds singing, and the sun shining. I am enjoying all this, and the rest will wait a while.

About the location, the date and location stays private, sorry, folks :). We use wanderlog with an AI assistant for planning. It has some little glitches since it uses generative models. You still have to research, but their AI is helpful.

What about my computer stuff? Naturally, I still code most of the time, but with a decreased level of intensity. I will have my laptop with me of course, and will surely produce something fantastic after enjoying my vacation. Keep reading this blog, and get new ideas about using AI and coding with fun!

All the best,


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