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Here is how I created my blog

Discover the secrets behind creating a successful website/blog with my tried and tested method. Learn how I created my blog and start building your online presence today.

Moving to GA4

On July 1st, we are moving to GA4, which is essential to ensure that our website analytics are processed without delay due to the transition. Herein I share my GA4 setup in Google Analytics.

The Most Useful AI-Content and Plagiarism Detection Tools

With the development of AI-content generators such as chatGPT, we have a new need to identify such content, and the tools of AI-content detection are currently being developed. Writing assistants and plagiarism detection tools also include AI-content detection. In this post, I talk about the most visible AI tools that help us mitigate plagiarism and motivate us to create original and well-written content. Indeed, I will start with the definition of plagiarism, why it's terrible, and move quickly into helpful tools in AI-content and plagiarism detection that are available today.

Say Goodbye to Grammar Gaffes with Grammarly!

Grammarly is a writing tool that helps users improve their grammar, punctuation, and spelling. It is designed to be an effective tool for native and non-native English speakers. It can be used as a browser extension or an app and be integrated with various platforms, such as Microsoft Word and Google Docs. I like to have also my writing progress reports sent weekly to see my writing performance and areas to improve. In this post, I share my Grammarly experience and discuss the technology behind Grammarly-like tools.

Happy New Year!

My best wishes for 2023! I wish you happiness, health, and excellent luck in the New Year! Let your best wishes come true, and your professional goals are achieved with success!

chatGPT Wrote me a Christmas Poem

In this post, I shared my thoughts on chatGPT, its technology, and its possible societal implications. I also asked it to write a Christmas poem for me, which was pretty good!

SEO and Indexing my Blog

Today, I received an email from the Google search console team informing me about an issue with my blog pages related to a duplicate without a user-selected canonical. I was intrigued about making my blog more search engine friendly and seeing what happens after SEO.