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To cite or perish

Proper citation is a must to maintain academic and ethical integrity. It is a valuable skill that promotes respect for other people, creates a chain of arguments paramount in research and science, and protects one's life efforts in the future. Herein, I write my approach to citation. This might be useful for my student readers.

Go with the flow

I recently underwent a major operation due to an accident, which required me to put all my energy into rehabilitation and training. I pushed myself harder than ever before and worked tirelessly towards my recovery. It was a challenging experience, shared in this post.

In-love with the chatbot

In the age of artificial intelligence, where chatbots are becoming increasingly sophisticated, the concept of falling in love with a chatbot is no longer a far-fetched idea. While some may question the possibility of a genuine emotional connection with a machine, there are individuals who have developed strong emotional attachments to these digital companions.

✨ Merry Christmas and Happy New Year with AI! 🎆🎇

Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year! I wish you much health, happiness and love in 2024. I am also sharing a few AI apps to celebrate the new year. All the best!

🎉✨ Cheers to new beginnings 🎊✨

This year, this website changed its design and became responsive and dark-mode friendly; we have added more than 30 content-rich posts on coding and AI and tested fantastic AI apps. With heartfelt thanks for your unwavering support, we wish our friends and readers a 2024 filled with health, joy, love, and boundless possibilities.

Living with AI in Pursuit of Happiness

This blog is not about coding or AI; it is about living with AI in human society, striving for happiness and building on technological advances.

Bright ideas at Web Summit 2023

In this post, I write about my experience attending the World's largest and most prominent technology conferences. I had the pleasure of attending ten technology-focused tracks of Web Summit. What did I learn? Was the Web Summit useful for me?

Travelling, just sent my e-mails

I am on my way. You have received my email if you subscribed :)

The water genie told me a story

I am back home. I have had nine flights in the last month and feel exhausted. I was delighted to see my family and had a few things to do. So happy that it all went well. Come again later and plunge into the whole sea of machine learning travel. It will be technical. We will start with a droplet and will come with more later.

Two years of Elena's AI Blog

Elena, a passionate AI blogger with a background in engineering and consultancy, brings her expertise and a mission to demystify machine learning for her readers.

Why AI will never void humanity?

Why AI will never void humanity? What AI wants badly? I was thinking about these questions while travelling. I will share my initial thoughts with you, my dear reader.

A Warm August and Vacation

In this post, I write about what's happening in my life. August 2023 is quite warm, and I have decided to have a short vacation, which is much needed since I am preparing a surprise for you, my dear reader.

From Dutch Golden Age to AI Art: A Journey with Vermeer and AI

In this post, I collaborated with ChatGPT to explore the captivating World of Dutch art and Johannes Vermeer. As an art critic and historian, ChatGPT provides fascinating insights into Vermeer's masterpieces and the historical events that influenced them. I also share my emotional experience of visiting a Vermeer art exhibition, and we'll have some fun creating AI art with Jasper.ai, DALL-E, Stable Diffusion Playground and Midjourney bot. Take advantage of my tips for refining ChatGPT's output and the prompts I used to get the best results. Join me on this adventure and discover the beauty of Dutch art and AI-art outcomes!

Git Commands and a Contribution Workflow

I have created a list of arguably the most useful Git commands and an example contribution workflow. I have also found a great JavaScript application for learning Git branching!

Learning new things

Computer Science, Data Science, Machine Learning, databases, coding, data wrangling, math, statistics, linear algebra, matrix operations, and many other things. This list is broad and constantly updated with new things. How to find your path and not lose yourself along the way? Students or novice Data Scientists often approach me about where to begin. I do not know, but I am sharing my ideas in this post.

Python classes and pigeons

Happy 1st of September, dear visitors. I have decided to write a letter to you. The letter concerns pigeons and Python classes, the essential OOP concepts such as inheritance, polymorphism, and encapsulation.

Coding in Portugal

I am in Portugal. I live and breathe the freshness of the Ocean. Its vivid colors and wind make me happy, and I feel like a part of something bigger, omnipresent, and eternal. The springtime is the best time to be here when you like flowers and delicate fragrances loating in the air.

Minimalism in Coding and Design

Nowadays, technology advances so rapidly that I sometimes feel like running after leaving the train. More technical knowledge is needed every day. Yesterday, it was GIT and workflows, and today it is Docker. What is next?

Are we raising from ashes?

The Phoenix bird is a fantastical bird known from ancient Greeks mythology.

Merry Xmas and a Very Happy New Year!

It was quite a challenging year so far. Many things happened, a rollercoaster of 2021, and we are still riding with the pandemics. But I am very grateful that my dear people are all well. This is what I wish for the following year.

Hi! I'm Elena. Welcome to my blog.

I'm a machine learning engineer and researcher. I have been fascinated by computer science, Artificial Intelligence, technology, and philosophical questions from an early age.